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Your stay and romantic weekend in Bordeaux

Bordeaux: your next romantic this destination, discover the romance Bordeaux

Bordeaux is both a city ideal for holidays cultural, for a gastronomic stay or for a relaxing stay, this is also a city deliciously romantic and perfect for a stay or a romantic weekend. Between these historic buildings, the streets, its architecture and facades of which is World Heritage Site, it is certain that Bordeaux is a French city ideal for a romantic break or a romantic weekend. Many walks are possible through the streets of the world's wine capital, but it is not quite as Bordaux

Your journey during your stay or romantic weekend in Bordeaux

The Continental Hotel Bordeaux offers a selection of monuments, ideal during your romantic getaway or your romantic weekend, to make a romantic stroll in Bordeaux unforgettable.
  1. Instead of 30 July : Start your romantic ride to Bordeaux during your stay or romantic weekend in Bordeaux by Course July 30. Designed by Victor Louis in the reign of Louis XIV. This course brought the name of each course and Vergennes during March 12 to July 30 during the last (1830) after the violent confrontation that ended the reign of Charles X.    This is one of the main squares of the city of Bordeaux.
  2. Esplanade Quinconces : Enjoy your stay or romantic weekend in Bordeaux to discover the Place des Quinconces created in the early nineteenth sicècle on the location of Château Trompette. The esplanade Quinconces is a space of 12 hectares and is the focal point of the city, close to the Hotel Continental.
  3. Bordeaux Public Garden : This splendid French garden created in 1746, was conceived and designed by Le Nôtre, the gardener of the King at the time. It is a beautiful public space of almost 11 hectares located in the center of Bordeaux. In 1858, the garden was redesigned as a place to walk to the rhythm of nature embellished with botanical discovery. 1858 is also the year when the old Botanical Garden city settles. Its creation for a pedagogical training of future doctors and apothecaries. It hosts some exceptional specimens: Erythrina falcata, Manihot palmata, Allocasuarina torulosa. Since 2001, the city has a new botanical garden on the right bank.
  4. Quays of the Garonne : Continue your romantic getaway or your romantic weekend on the docks of Bordeaux. The banks of the Garonne to Bordeaux are a real source of architectural splendeures. Indeed, Bordeaux have a remarkable urban heritage, part of which is the same as World Heritage Port of the Moon. The Quays of the Garonne full of facades and buildings dating from the eighteenth century.
  5. Place Exchange : A symbol of the prosperity of the city at its inception in 1749. This edifice was originally designed to make for the arrival of foreigners by the Garonne more welcoming and enhance the wealth of the city. The place is called Imperial Place Napoleon in the air and then it will take the name of Place de la Bourse in 1828. Nh'ésitez not to admire the fountain of the Three Graces représetant Agle, Euphrosyne and Thalia, the daughters of Zeus.

Enjoy our promotion romantic romantic Bordeaux for your stay, your romantic weekend or your valentine

Your Hotel Continental Bordeaux offers a truly romantic setting for your stay or weekend becomes romantic. Indeed, reserving the promotion offers romantic Bordeaux, we include a warm room will already be installed when you arrive in your room. Let yourself be carried by a rose petal path until you can dtentez with massage gel that will be available for a romantic evening unforgettable Bordeaux.

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